...in Organic Collaboration


Imagine women and girls everywhere, stepping forward to make positive changes

in their families, communities, organizations and governments.


Imagine women and girls exchanging their diverse perspectives and wisdom

to bring new systemic solutions to old intractable problems.


Imagine the collective power when women and girls gather and work together

to initiate community projects, grow partnerships, and catalyze collaboration.


Imagine this feminine influence moving toward a true unity of nations.

 Ways Women Lead is a "collaborative" of women and organizations,
 issuing a call for women and girls in leadership to work together for the common good.
 Please join us as we...
 Listen within for guidance and truth.
 Monitor what is happening in our lives, our projects, and the larger system.
 Connect and support our sisters whenever possible!
 Now is the time...
 To coalesce our energies, our initiatives, our wisdom and co-create a better world.
To date, we are building connections around:
Places in deep transition...  Bulgaria, Nigeria
Leadership programs... training of trainers, Internet connectivity, International events
Foci of change toward...  Indigenous feminine wisdom, women's empowerment,
community centers, social entrepreneurship
Foci of change against... sex trafficking and other forms of slavery 
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       Tell us what you're up to, what is calling you.

       Let us help you find your right partners, to connect and amplify your work.

       Join the coalescence already underway to support and connect women and girls in leadership!