Top Natural Toothpastes

Are you aware that conventional toothpaste contains some dangerous chemicals? These toothpastes contain chemicals such as triclosan, fluoride, artificial sweeteners, sodium Laureth sulfate and heavy chemicals all of which can lead to thyroid problems, cancers, arthritis and even liver disease. However, you do not have to worry since there are other natural alternatives which are more effective as compared to the chemical ones. They are worth since they have long-term results.
Here is a list of the best natural toothpastes.

Aloe and green people’s spearmint

dbthtrjntdnhThis is a certified organic toothpaste. It is suitable for anyone having delicate gums and teeth. It is 100 non-toxic even some kids do swallow it. It is also free of all the harmful chemicals, and it helps in reducing the growth of bacteria as well as removing of plaque. It has a fresh flavor obtained from natural mint oils.

Jack N’ Jill

This is a natural toothpaste made from bananas. It is mostly preferred for kids above six months. It is rated as the safest toothpaste for kids on the market with a zero percent health risk. It is also very sweet and safe for swallowing. It is sugar-free, fluoride free with no added preservatives or colors.

Lavera toothpaste

This is a natural care that is recommended for healthy teeth. It comes with minerals, Propolis, Echinacea and sea salt. It is, therefore, free of calcium carbonate, silicic acid, and all nasties. It is very beneficial in removing bacteria plaque once used regularly during brushing. The minerals and sea salt contained in this toothpaste ensure the survival of the healthy bacteria in your mouth.

Aloe Dent

It has soothing ingredienjkgkkgl.hllbuts such as silica, aloe vera. Silica helps in keeping the teeth clean thus preventing dental cavities. It is also useful for natural whitening. This toothpaste also contains Co-enzyme Q 10, tea tree oil and Escin which acts as antiseptics for healthy teeth and gum. It also contains Chitosan which helps in attacking bacteria; plus menthol and peppermint oil which are excellent in providing a great fresh taste similar to the one offered by mint.

Jason power smile toothpaste

It contains peppermint oil which provides a sweet flavor. It also keeps the breath fresh for a longer time. It also contains natural tooth whiteners which ensure wine and coffee stains disappear. It very safe since it does not contain any abrasives. Furthermore, it possesses a naturally antibacterial obtained from perilla seed extract which helps in preventing the build-up of tar.